Give the Gift
of Racing

Give an experience
they'll never forget.

Give a Race, Make a Friend's Day!

They'll thank you for the experience of a lifetime!

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We love racing...the comraderie, the accomplishment, the thought of getting a new personal best. Everyone races for different reasons, but many times the cost of the entry fees get in the way of registering for a dream race. This is where we come in. Make your friend's day/month/year by helping them out with those crazy expensive registration fees and giving them that dream race! They choose the races, you send the cash. It's easy as can be, and they'll thank you for the experience of a lifetime!

Beyond the Finish Line

There's so much more to love!

With Give a Race, everyone wins! Not only is it easy to give the most amazing experiences, it's great for the people receiving the gifts too! Lots of features make it great for everybody.


Transfer Easy and secure transfers between friends and family


ListMake a wishlist of races for
easy gifting by friends

GraphShow your training efforts for the race with synchronized workouts


ShareConnect with social media to share your races and training progress


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